The following email was sent to President Roush on November 24, 2009 from a parent of a Centre student who lives in Los Angeles, CA. We’re very honored that this father feels so strongly about Centre and wish all of our readers the same satisfaction in their college choice as well.

Dear President Roush:

I wanted to wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. My son, who is a sophomore at Centre, is having a fantastic college experience. Yes, we’re one of the few from Los Angeles! He loves his professors […] and everything Centre has to offer. He is on the baseball team and loves playing [for] Centre as well as all the different people he has met there. He just joined a fraternity and loves that as well. He has worked harder in the classroom at Centre than at any time in high school. He is dealing with pressure, organizing his time, prioritizing, learning how hard work and dedication will bring on success and just growing up into a mature young man.

As a dad, I am grateful and thankful for what Centre offers and stands for. To me, Centre is a one in a million college that is dedicated to the student. The value that Centre brings to the table is more than just an education in the classroom. It starts from the top down. […] I have been more impressed with Centre as each day passes.

I am grateful for Centre being a place where my son has the opportunity to learn from professors who are there because they want to educate undergraduates and teach their specialty. That’s not what you get at the larger institutions (I know, I went to UCLA many years ago).

Centre is a place where my son has the opportunity (and is required) to attend convocations where he is exposed to cultural experiences ranging from renowned speakers, theatrical plays and musicals, lectures on special topics, hypnotists, etc.

Centre is a place where my son can get to know most everyone on campus and feel like it’s his family away from home.

Centre is a place where I know that his education is among some of the best college institutions in the country.

Centre is a place where he can feel comfortable joining a fraternity and play IM sports.

Centre is a place where he can compete on the varsity level and make a difference on a team.

Centre is a place where he can enjoy the improvements and expansions of an already beautiful campus during difficult and depressed economic times.

Centre is a place where he can be around faculty and administration that truly care.

Centre is a place where he can learn from other students by working in group activities instead of being in competition and avoidance as in other larger college institutions.

Centre is a place where he can feel like he is a part of something special and where he will be able to look back and be thankful and realize what a great college experience he had during his four very important years of growing up.

I can see all the wonderful aspects of Centre even though my young son isn’t able to realize it yet. He will in time. For that I am grateful. Thank you President Roush for being a great President and for everything you do. It is an honor and privilege that my son attends Centre. You and the college have surpassed my already high expectations. Have a great holiday and I look forward to seeing you in spring when I will be there cheering on the baseball team!!!! I hope to see you there.

Los Angeles, CA

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