Born and raised in Louisville, KY, I’m the oldest of three from a family of five and a proud son and brother. I’m found playing in home videos with Star Wars action figures. As a kid, I dreamed of being Luke Skywalker. As an adult, that’s still partially true.

Academically, I’m an English and Dramatic Arts double major who’d love to see if an additional Creative Writing minor is possible (#bangforyourbuck). When I’m not staring off into the distance or humming elevator tunes, I enjoy all work theatre- and literature-related. I’m a self-proclaimed Shakespeare geek, and if you can quote some British classics to me or want help on a monologue, we can hit it off over coffee. I will admit proudly to being a bookworm.

You’ll likely spot me around Centre in a sweater and jeans, messenger bag slung over my shoulder. On rainy days, I’ll be toting an umbrella big enough for five! Since most of my extracurricular work is in the theatre, I’m often holed up in Grant. I live in Bingham Hall/the “Art House” and regularly chat, laugh, and engage with some of Centre’s most fascinating artists. And our hall theme is Dr. Seuss. Jealous? Be.

My itinerary this year at Centre’s filling up quick! In addition to being CentrePlayers’ secretary and an Art House co-coordinator, I’m already involved with the Family Weekend play The Dining Room (actor) and our fall production, Bus Stop (assistant director).  As well, I’ll be performing the one-man show The SantaLand Diaries in December, but more on that later. That’s a lot of work! And I still want to write and cook and need to do schoolwork! Is your head spinning yet? Mine flew off somewhere back there…

Needless to say, I’m lovin’ life here at Centre dear. I look forward to sharing this coming year, no strings attached.

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