Once upon a time, there was a girl who went to a place called “Centre.” At this magical, weirdly spelled place, she made many friends, figured out a major (despite serious decision-making issues), and became a new person. Then Mother Centre told her she could go to London for a semester. After a number of happy dances and BBC/Harry Potter allusions, she packed her bags and prepared to get on a plane. And that’s not quite the end…(because who doesn’t want to be the heroine in their own fairy tale?)

There are many things I could tell you about the fairy tale girl. I could tell you that her name is Rachel West, that she’s a junior, and that she is very pleased to meet you. I could tell you that she is originally from the far off land of Oneida, Tennessee. I could tell you that she is an English major with an international studies minor who is addicted to the smell of old books. I could tell you about her dream to be involved in public relations, social media, and communications, which means she talks too much and is bad at word limits.

I could tell you that by day the girl is a student, an event planner (with Student Activities Council), a tour guide, an editor for the Cento, a journalist, and an adventurer. I could tell you that by night the girl is considered a professional Norton Center event attender, an official DramaCentre groupie, a diehard sports fan (for the Centre Colonels and in general), and a not-so-secret nerd. I could tell you that she is addicted to social media, that she has an arsenal of Nerf guns at her disposal, that her favorite food item is a lollipop, and that her favorite meal happens at 2 a.m. at Huddle House with her best friends. I could tell you about her friends and her plans for London.

I could tell you anything about the girl, but really, where is the fun in that? The best fairy tales, after all, have a few surprises before their happily-ever-afters. This story will too.

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