My name is Sophia Dixon, but to most I am known by my last name. I am a senior, graduating this spring with a degree in International Studies and two minors, German and History. The best moments in my Centre career have involved going up on stage with slam poets and performers, small feats of social bravery that have pushed me far beyond my comfort zone and into new experiences. If you followed my blog before, yes, I still very much want a robotic arm. Something tells me it would make blogging easier.

I’m a transgender student who uses the pronouns they and their; this identity gives me the unique privilege of seeing and experiencing Centre in a way not many people here do. I’m heavily involved with student organizations that challenge the Centre community to think critically about issues of race, gender, and disability. I’m a poet with no formal training. I see the world captioned in bright pink Comic Sans. I hope what I say, at the very least, makes you think.

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