It’s weird to look back and to think that its been almost a year at Centre College.  This year has been a crazy rush of events and people.  Finals week is not exactly the best week to reflect on events.  I have had a massive ammount of caffeine in the past twelve hours and very little sleep.  I was gone for an entire week because of the NCCA Div. III tournament.  The team spent a week in Angola, Indiana, so I had to make-up three of my exams, once I returned to campus.  I am so proud of the team because we came in fourth.  This is the highest we have ever placed in the National Tournament.  It will be so weird going home now because I will not be around all of my friends.  I love it here, and I have grown with the family.  I will be running golf tounrnaments all summer and also shadowing doctors.  I will love being away for a bit, and moving out will be a pain, but I will miss everyone as soon as I get home.  I cannot wait to meet all of the new freshmen that come in next year.  Some of them were my prospective students!  I hope I get to share some of what I learned over this wonderful, crazy year with them.

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