Where in the world can you combine cellos, college students, video games, hip-hop, heavy metal, jokes, and Twitter?  That would be right here in Danville, KY.

Yesterday the Portland Cello Project performed at the Norton Center’s Weisiger Theatre. They are a group dedicated to bringing the cello to unusual places and people who may not have heard it through the use of popular music. And when I say popular, I mean Ke$ha, Coldplay, Kanye West, Notorious BIG, Pantera, and more. Last night they brought along their friends Ben Sollee and Emily Wells. Some of you might have heard of them. They’re kind of a big deal.

In keeping with the experimental nature of the performance, the Norton Center decided to do some experimenting of their own.  For the show, they offered a limited number of “Tweet Seats,” seats where people were actually encouraged to use Twitter throughout the show.

So, being a lover of cellos and an excessive Twitter user, I immediately signed up for the seats and managed to get one.  It was one amazing show, made all the better by the social interaction I had with other people about their thoughts and feelings during the show.

Below is a short sample of some of my tweets (Yes, this is short.  I told you I tweet excessively), as well as some notes from me.

Altogether, it was an awesome evening.  After the show I got to meet the Portland Cello Project (@PdxCelloProject) and Emily Wells (@emilywellsmusic) and talk to them about their work.  They even recognized me from my tweeting…they were doing a little of their own!  And let me tell you, being retweeted by Ben Sollee (@bensollee)?  Highlight of my day today.

This is a Centre College thing.  We are constantly reinventing and embracing new technology.  I certainly hope the Norton Center decides to embrace Twitter wholeheartedly.  I had way too much fun last night.  What do you think, Norton Center?  Why don’t we make this a permanent thing?

Rachel West:  Norton Center Twitter Correspondent.


  • http://www.nortoncenter.com Steve Hoffman

    Thanks for the blog post Rachel. We also had a blast with PCP. The tweet seats were a successful experiment. We’ll be looking at other shows in the future to offer these unique seats. It takes an equally unique performing artist or group to incorporate these seats into a concert while maintaining the spirit of the program.

    Thanks again!

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