Around this time every year, Centre’s campus begins buzzing about the most recent crop of admitted students. Who are they? Where are they from? What high school do they go to?

So, the Office of Admission delivers, and the Internet floods with congratulations.

If you’re a current student, staff member, professor, parent, or alumnus, feel free to look up the students from your state or your hometown…or even your field of study. Then leave a message for individual students in the comments.

If you’re an admitted student, enjoy the love.

List of Admitted Students

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  • Adam Brown

    Congrats to Trevor Brewer, Giuliana D’Adamio, Emily Gravette, and Sean Keeter from Greenwood High School (my alma mater) in Bowling Green, KY. The drive up I-66 and 127 is well worth the 2.5 hours when your destination is Centre. I’ve made the journey back and forth dozens of times over the last decade, but always land back in Danville…and for good reason. This place lives up to the hype.

    Be sure and say “Hi” to Mr. Hall for me.

  • Brittany

    Wow! Way to go Anderson County! Congratulations to Jacob Campbell, Taylor Gilkison, Sidney Rogers, Caitlin Smith, Megan Smith, Amanda Wampler, Shelby Watts, and Kristen Brooks!! Anderson County High School was my alma mater and I am so thrilled to welcome some students from the ‘burg to the Centre Community. You will find a home and a mission for yourself here. Stop on by the Norton Center for the Arts and say hello anytime, plus get some tickets to some good shows!!

  • Rachel C

    Michael Ruhe, Nicki Lee, Andrew Loesch, Savannah Murphy, Logan Mosteller, Bryant Portwood, Ashton Carrick, Brendan McArdle- So happy to see so many people from the Queen city applying to Centre! Congratulations! Centre is an amazing school that is my home away from home!

    Logan- CDS is my alma mater class of 2010! I was so excited to see your name on the list! Tell Kate C. hello for me! Let me know if you have any questions!

  • Benjamin Knoll

    Congrats to Thomas Oriente, Meghan Ricci, Alexa Sime, and Victoria Whitworth from Park City, UT! I grew up in Logan. We need more Rocky Mountain folks out here! And Meghan — I teach in the Politics program and I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about our major. We’re excited to meet you all!

  • Laura Coleman Pritchard

    Congrats to Aaron Holder from Scottsville, Ky—my third hometown. (Calhoun, Danville, and Scottsville, in that order.) Love to the Holders, from Lu.

  • Laura Coleman Pritchard

    Congrats to Aaron Holder from Scottsville, Ky—my third hometown. (Calhoun, Danville, and Scottsville, in that order.) Love to the Holders from Laura, aka Lu.

  • disqus_3kmo6EPTfN

    Congratulations to all of the admitted students from North Carolina, South Carolina, Cinccinnati and Northern Kentucky! I have enjoyed working with all of you and hope to see you at Centre in the fall!

  • Sharon Rogers-Hinkle

    I would like to personally welcome the following BOYLE COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL students to Centre College: D. J. Carter, Alex Draut, Tabitha Evans, Lloyd Hall, Clint Hellyer, Dakota Jarman, Brett Jones, Keegan Kendrick, Mollie LaFavers, Mary Noelker, Elysse Petrie, Brady Wehmiller, and Trey Yeager. Centre is a wonderful college and a close knit community. I have been a part of the college family for over 30 years in the position of Box Office Manager for the Norton Center for the Arts. Your avenue to great performances. Watch your mail for the upcoming Season Brochure and ticket policy guidelines in Mid -July. Sincerely, Sharon Rogers-Hinkle

  • Nhut Quang Huy Tran

    Congratulation to Nam Dang. I hope you are having a good time. Just to let you know that being a Vietnamese student at Centre makes you extremely unique. I am looking forward to seeing you next fall.

  • Rachel Richards

    Congrats to SHELBY ADAMS, SHELBY FOOTE, and CLAIRE RICHARDS on your acceptance to Centre College! You girls rock! – Rachel Richards Class of 2013

  • Steph Lauderdale

    Congrats to Jaleessa Kennedy and Shelby Cundiff on your acceptance! Way to represent SHHS!
    Steph Lauderdale Class of 2014

  • Brooklyn Madrid

    Congratulations Renee Menart! I’m so proud of you and I hope you come to Centre and fall in love with it as much as I have!

  • Clayton Trette

    Congrats to all my fellow Texans who’ve been admitted, I hope you choose Centre because believe this is the school to go to!
    Special Congratulations to Alex Chase from Royse City High School, way to prove country folk know about more than just cattle and farming.

  • Patrick Cho

    Congrats to Bridgette Hildreth from CLS! I hope choose Centre–it’s been a great decision for me and was a great transition from Covington Latin.

  • Vanessa Rosing

    Congrats to all my NKY people! Especially my fellow Beechwoood High School grads Brandt Coleman, Shannon Redfield, Chad Evans, Carter Richardson!

  • Megan Sims

    Congrats to everyone admitted from Scott Co. High! I’m an alumna and Ms. Williams’ daughter so I’m glad to see our school so well-represented. I hope all of you come to Centre in the fall!

  • Savannah Taylor

    Congratulations Alison Dwyer, Ben Basham, and Bradley Chapman! I hope you guys come so I can see some familiar faces around!!!

  • Alex Cope

    Congrats to everyone from Scott County for being admitted to one of the top liberal arts colleges in the United States. Whether or not you decide to come to Centre, you should be proud that such a prestigious institution believes you are capable of handling the academic challenges it presents to its students. I wish you all the best of luck with the remainder of your senior year and I hope to see you all here in the fall.

  • Rachel West

    Congratulations to all our new students, and a special congratulations to Griffin West from Scott High School in Tennessee- and not just because you’re my brother, either. I look forward to getting to know all of you who choose to attend!

  • Warren McKnight

    Congratulations to everyone, especially the three of you from Peachtree City, GA!! I’m an alumna of Starr’s Mill High School (shout-out to Lindsay Allison!), and am so excited to see my hometown represented among Centre’s admitted class of 2017! Hope to see you all in the Fall!

  • Preetha Suresh

    Congratulations to all admitted North Carolina students, especially the three of you from Cary, NC!!!! I’m an Enloe High School alumna. Danville is a great town to live in, and I’ve absolutely loved my three years at Centre!! Best decision I ever made, and I hope you make it too!

  • Danny Miller

    Congratulations to everybody from the Evansville/Newburgh/Henderson area! It’s great to see so many of you on this list, and I hope to see all of you down here on campus (it would be really nice to have more than four of us from the area on campus.) Centre really is an amazing place, and coming here was the best decision I’ve ever made, and I hope you get to experience it for yourself!

  • Fallon Madden

    Congratulations to all of the admitted students, in particular from North Carolina! I’m a Cardinal Gibbons High in Raleigh alumna. Danville is a great and safe little town to live in. Centre was by far the best choice I’ve ever made and I hope to see some of you guys around in the fall!! :)

  • Mona Wyatt

    Congratulations to all the students admitted from Owensboro! I grew up there and attended OHS a LONG time ago. Always delighted to see Owensboro folks here! Same to students from Mt. Sterling and Owingsville — I spent two delightful years working on the newspaper there before I came to Centre – a long time ago. I look forward to meeting ALL our students at some point in the four years you’ll be here. I know that many of you will become lifelong friends, and that makes me very happy. Welcome!!!

  • Kaitlin Parrish

    Congratulations to all of the students from Oldham County High School: Sam Gruber, Blake Johnson, and Logan Weihe! I hope I see you in the fall! I love Centre, and coming here was the best decision I’ve ever made.

    Also, congratulations to Kat Hartlage from Presentation Academy and Paige Anderson from Fern Creek! I AM SO EXCITED!

  • Jennifer Kim

    Congratulations to all the students from California (and everywhere else too, of course)! Centre is amazing! Keep an open mind about it and I hope you decide to go with what’s best for you! Again, Congrats!!!

  • Camille Gordon

    Congratulations to all of the students from Bullitt County KY! Although I am biased towards BEHS, it is wonderful to see Bullitt Central represented. I hope you consider the wonderful opportunities Centre has to offer!

  • Mary C. Carruth

    A belated congratultions to southwestern Louisiana students admitted to Centre College! These include: Nick Fernandez De Castro (Nick, my niece attends your alma mater, Runnels), Tony Licata, Dane Bourgeois, Inez Hill, Carly Howden, Robert Klazynski, Caroline Bosson, Alex De Gravelle, Michael Downing, Avis Smothers, Caleb Howell.
    I graduated from the Louise S. McGehee School in New Orleans in 1973 and then went to the beautiful Bluegrass state to attend Centre. I received my BA in English from Centre in 1977. Centre is a very supportive community and truly values a liberal education in the arts and sciences. Please feel free to contact me in Baton Rouge, LA if you like: and 225-231-1845 (Home).
    Mary Carruth, PhD
    Centre Class of 1977

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