but you should totally watch my RICE presentation!

RICE has been such a great experience, and i would recommend it to anyone interested in learning how to research, organize, and present information. this presentation started as a (fairly) simple essay last fall in my HIS120 course. during centreterm it rapidly snowballed into me spending hours pouring over books of theory and storytelling and big big big history books that were kind of intimidating. yesterday i presented a shorter, easier to handle version of what has become a very large paper.

RICE is great because it changes the way you approach research. it’s not “some paper you have to do” — it’s something i chose to do, and i love doing the research and i love learning new things and applying what i learn in other classes to my research (and i must give credit where credit is due, my current HIS464 and GER420 classes have been endlessly helpful to me.)

another thing i love about RICE is how it encourages folks to go learn new things and interact with their peers in a whole new way. we’re meeting as researchers, and totally nerding out about academia. it’s really cool.

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