For many of you reading the blog, it is getting to crunch time.  The final decision is soon.  In some ways, I’m doing the same thing.  Finding a job is a huge decision, just like deciding where to spend the next four years (or possibly more, if you don’t go to Centre).

One thing that is a given in any interview I go to, or any phone call I make, is that I do research on the company.  I need to know as much as possible about who I am talking to, and what services they provide.  Students like you do the same thing, visiting campuses, going on tours, reading thousands of brochures etc.  It’s a pivotal part of the process.

I’m here to give you one more tool in evaluating different schools.  It’s a small thing, but I wish I had thought about it four years ago!

I have a very good friend who just stepped down as the editor-in-chief for The Cento.  Every two weeks you could read her Facebook status updates Wednesday around midnight saying something like ‘New edition of The Cento out.  Please check out all of our hard work!’  The Cento, mentioned and linked to quite a few times on the blog, is the student newspaper.  It provides student written article on everything from world news to Centre news to student opinions to sports recaps.  It is always a pleasure to read.

I always grab a copy when they hit the news stands; the articles are interesting, and I know most of the authors too!  It’s always fun to read what your peers have to say.  And I promise, you as a prospective student have a lot to gain from reading the Cento as well.

Lots of people write in questions to My Centre Life, which we happily answer.  You could always check out the newspaper, though, and find answers in a way that’s more contextual and probably teaches you more about the Centre experience!  Our newspaper is a great way to see whats happening at Centre, what is important to our community as a whole, and all sorts of different fun things about our college.  In an earlier edition, you could have read President Roush’s ‘This I Believe’ testament.  Or, you can check out height of student fashion in the style section that graces every edition. There’s something in there for everyone.

Of course, I wouldn’t be pointing out this piece of information if I didn’t think it gave Centre a leg up on the competition.  But to those agonizing over last minute decisions- reading school newspapers, especially ours, can be a stress-free, fun way to learn about what different schools have to offer.

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