As a tradition, all the Greek Organizations on campus compete against each other in a competition spanning a week called Greek Week.  This year, the theme of Greek Week is “Greek is Our Reality.”  One of the first events was Greeks Got Talent.  In this competetion, the sororities and fraternities faced off by creating skits and song and dance routines.  We performed this in front of a large crowd in Newlin Hall (the performing arts center).  Our skit harkened back to the 80’s Hall and Oates Classic… You Make My Dreams Come True.  Needless to say, I am a huge fan of doing semi-embarressing things, so I was in this song and dance routine.  We endded up in third after an almost diasaster of the projecter screen almost taking out half my sorority.  It was so much fun to dance and sing on the stage even though I cannot do either well!

Other events in Greek week include the Greek Olympics.  I am an overly competitive person when it comes to events like olympics, so needless to say, I have since lost my voice from yelling for my sorority.  I competed in the Gym-Tan-Laundry portion of the Olympics and also, the crowd favorite, tug of war.  We won both these events, and the heavily favored fraternity also won the tug of war.  It was so fun to get to compete with my sisters in these events, and it helped me get to know more people from the sorority.  Tonight is a cookout to celebrate some of the last events of Greek Week.  Right now, I believe we are in the lead, but who knows how it will end!  Even if you are unaffiliated, you can come support your friends in the events!

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